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The completion of Contract Orders awards you either 100, 150 or 200 Steel. Players can select up to three Contracts at a time. They reset every 2 days except for the week-end where they reset everyday. All Orders can be done in PvP or PvAI matches. {This entire page is completely outdated}

List of contract orders

Name Description Rewards
Attacker Capture 20 Zones while playing Dominion matches.
Dominant Warrior Complete 3 Dominion matches with any Hero.
Medic Revive 5 allies in any game mode.
Dominant Executioner Perform 4 Executions in Dominion matches with any Hero.
Dominion Survivor
Dominion Triumph
Duel Glory
Flawless Dominion Win a Dominion (Player vs. Player) without dying more than 5 times.
Tribute Warrior Complete 4 Tribute matches with any Hero.
Breach Warrior Complete 2 Breach matches with any Hero.
Glory Hound Reach a Renown score of 350 or more by the end of a Dominion match (Player vs. Player).
Warrior Complete 15 matches of any type.
Heroes Bloodbath
Legendary Irregular Complete 10 matches of any type (Player vs. Player) as a non-vanguard Hero.
Master Duelist Win 10 Duel matches (Player vs. Player) with any Hero
Peerless Warrior Win a Dominion (Player vs. AI) without dying once.
Soldiers Bloodbath
The Perfect Duelist Win A Duel (Player vs. Player) without dying once.
Agile Slayer Perform 24 Takedowns as an Assassin.
Valiant Warrior Complete 6 matches with a Knight Hero.
Allied Warrior Complete 1 match of any type with a friend at your side.

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