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Execution can be customized in the game For Honor. New Excutions can be purchased with Steel.

List of executions

Name Cost Heroes
Attitude Adjuster 5000 Steel The Warlord
Backhand Strike N/A The Warden
Beheader N/A The Kensei
Blood Rage N/A The Berserker
Choke on This 5000 Steel The Orochi
Clean Kill N/A The Orochi
Evisceration 5000 Steel The Kensei
Excessive Force N/A The Orochi
Garrot N/A The Conqueror
Going For A Ride 5000 Steel The Nobushi
Groundstab N/A The Kensei
Gutbuster N/A The Raider
Guts Then Chop 5000 Steel The Warden
Head-Scissor N/A The Warlord
Hilt Strike N/A The Warden
Led to Slaughter N/A The Peacekeeper
Neckbreaker N/A The Raider
Off With Their Head! N/A The Nobushi
Shield Bash Uppercut N/A The Warlord
Skullcracker 5000 Steel The Raider
Snapmare N/A The Nobushi
Sunday Roast 5000 Steel The Peacekeeper
The Pop Top N/A The Conqueror
The Sacrifice N/A The Peacekeeper
The Wind-Up 5000 Steel The Conqueror
This. Is. Valkenheim! 5000 Steel The Berserker
Work the Leg N/A The Berserker

Related achievements-trophies

Icon Name Description Gamer score Trophy
Play Your Way.png Play Your Way Equip a different Effect, Emote and Execution on a single Hero Bronze

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