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The glossary allows you to see the characteristics of your Heroes.

Glossary terms

Icon Name Description
Added Damage Icon.png Added Damage Such an Attack deals slightly more damage
AOE Icon.png AOE An ability or maneuver that affects an extended area.
Auto-Block Icon.png Auto-Block Blocks attacks from all directions, regardless of guards
Bleed Icon.png Bleed Characters loses Health over a period of time
Dauntless Icon.png Dauntless Attackers can't be interrupted
Push Icon.png Push Forcefully moves an opponent in a specific direction over a short distance
Stun Icon.png Stun Character can't see the Guard used by an opponent
Superior Block Icon.png Superior Block Interrupts all attacks
Throw Icon.png Throw Forcefully projects an opponent in a specific direction
Unbalance Icon.png Unbalance Character falls to the ground
Unblockable Armed Icon.png Unblockable Armed This attack can't be blocked
Unblockable Unarmed Icon.png Unblockable Unarmed This unarmed attacks can't be blocked