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The Conqueror
The Conqureror.png
Faction: Knights
Type: Heavies
Weapons: Flail, Shield (Off-hand)

The Conqueror is in the Knight faction, and is classed as a heavy hero.


The Conquerors are powerful and legendary knights that serve the Legion. Most conquerors are ex-prisoners or conscripts who have risen to the rank of elite soldier. Originally pressed into military service as sword fodder, those who are skilled enough to survive are promoted out of the rank and file and given heavy infantry training.

They are heavily armored warriors, who rely upon a defensive style of combat and their signature weapon, the flail. Conquerors bash their opponents with their shield and wittle away at their opponent's stamina and health.

Climbing from mere infantry to the prestigious title of Knight, the Conquerors have earned the respect of their peers through determination and feats of arms ( Conquerors are powerful units that wield flails, making them among the most elite units of the Legion. Few warriors have ever achieved this high position.

They are reputable for leading armies of fellow conscripted fighters against other factions, earning their title of "Conqueror" through their endeavors in brutal combat. Earning their name, these heavily armored units conquer the battlefield by any means necessary and devastate any enemies unfortunate enough to cross their path.

Story campaign

The Conquerors came to overthrow the legions of the Warlord, Apollyon herself, but this time two other factions steps in the fight.


Name Cost Type
Ball Dropped 3000 Steel Free Roam
Chain On N/A Combat
Flail Saluta 5000 Steel Combat
Floor Smash N/A Free Roam
Knucklehead 5000 Steel Combat
Psyched N/A Free Roam
Wraparound N/A Combat
Yes. You. 3000 Steel Combat


Icon Name Description
Body Count Killing soldier grants you health and stamina
Catapult Call a catapult strike to deal massive Damage over an area
Conqueror Capture and upgrade control zones faster
Fiat Lux Throw a flash grenade that blinds enemies for a few seconds
Heal on Block Passive, Blocking regenerates your Health
Juggernaut You're slowed and gain high Damage reduction
Pugno Mortis Throw an explosive that deals moderate Damage in an area
Punch Through Passive, Deal Damage on Blocked Attacks
Regenerate Passive, Regenerate your Health when out of combat
Shield Basher Passive, Shield based Attacks now deal Damage
Speed Revive Passive, Rapidly revive fallen teammates
Uninterruptible Your actions can't be interrupted for a short duration



Name Cost
Garrot N/A
Gut Punch Neck Breaker 7000 Steel
The Pop Top N/A
The Wind-Up 5000 Steel

Hero Modifiers

Move Description
Can't Feint Contrary to other Heroes, the Conqueror can't perform Feint maneuvers.
Charge Attack Limits You can't charge if you run out of Stamina. Cancel a charge by pressing Cancel Attack Button
Charged Attacks The Attack has 2 charging levels. Each Charge level deals more Damage.
Full Block Stance Block all 3 guards without Superior Block property. Consume Stamina on activation and Block. Conqueror knocked off balance if a Block empties Stamina.
Superior Block Blocks interrupt Heavy Attacks as well as Light Attacks. Opponent cannot chain after being Blocked.
Superior Block Heavy Attacks Heavy Attacks have Superior Block property during the Startup. Use it to counter attack.
Zone Attack Zone Attacks can be maintained to keep opponents at a distance.


Name PC Controls PS4 Controls Xbox One Controls General Action
Charging Heavy Attack Hold RMB Hold R2 Hold RT Hold Heavy Attack
Charging Shield Crush
(Not in Guard Mode)
Shift + MMB R3+Square Sprint + Grab
Conscript's Attrition


LMB or RMB R1 or C+ RB or RT Light or Heavy Attack
Final Argument LMB, LMB, RMB R1, R1, R2 Light Attack (x2), Heavy Attack
Full Block Stance C Right Stick Block Stance
Reaper's Crush RMB, RMB R2, R2 RT, RT Heavy Attack (x2)
Shield Bash A or W or D + Space, MMB Left Stick + X, Square Move anywhere but backwards + Roll, Grab
Shield Bash Mix Up RMB, MMB R2, Square Heavy Attack, Grab
Shield Bash Riposte C, MMB Right Stick, Square Block Stance, Grab



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