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The Shugoki
The Shugoki.png
Faction: Samurai
Type: Heavies
Weapons: Kanabō

The Shugoki are one of the Heroes for the Samurai.

Shugoki appear slow and cumbersome. Don’t let that fool you -- they possess the strength of a demon and an unbreakable will. It takes incredible fortitude to be the guardians of your people. You must defend them at all costs and put their needs above your own. This has never been an issue for the Shugoki. Their weapon of choice seems unwieldy. But in their hands, it is as deadly and precise as any blade.

Fighting Style

The Shugokis are the disruptor Tank. They absorb a lot of hits thanks to their high health and passive uninterruptible stance which allows a bit more freedom while attacking. He's excellent at dealing with crowds with his massive kanabo, but he's very slow, both in movement and attack.



The Shugoki are powerful beings, who possess the strength of a demon. And a demons will. As an act of repentance, acceptance, or perhaps a feeling of obligation with their condition, the strongest man the organization can find is taken in the Shugoki are rare simply because few people even meet the requirements to join, and fewer have the will.

Like a Sumo wrestler their body is molded, with exercise and food to build both strength and mass. They wield a weapon with the goal of an unstoppable momentum, and skin too thick for a sword to cut through. As humiliation for their condition or perhaps respect for their power, their mask bears a likeness to demons.

Story campaign

In the Samurai chapters, the Shugoki named Okuma is an ally of the player, who assumes the role of either the Orochi or Kensei, Ayu.


Name Cost Type
From The Gut N/A Combat
Hard Times 3000 Steel Free Roam
My House! N/A Combat
Pray For You 5000 Steel Combat
Quick Nap 5000 Steel Free Roam
Tantrum N/A Free Roam
Try Harder 3000 Steel Combat
Victory! N/A Free Roam


Icon Name Description
Arrow Storm Aerial Attack that deals medium Damage in multiple areas
Hard to Kill Passive, Losing Health increases your Damage reduction
Iron Lungs Passive, You can still Sprint when Out of Stamina
Juggernaut You're slowed and gain high Damage reduction
Long Bow Fire a long bow for moderate Damage
Punch Through Icon.png Punch Through Passive, Deal Damage on Blocked Attacks
Regenerate Passive, Regenerate your Health when out of combat
Rock Steady Icon.png Rock Steady Passive, You cannot be stumbled or unbalanced by Parries or Throws
Speed Revive Icon.png Speed Revive Passive, Rapidly revive fallen teammates
Smoke Bomb Throw a smoke bomb on the ground that breaks the lock
Staggering Blow Icon.png Staggering Blow Heavy Attacks cause enemies to fall
Throw Father Passive, Throw enemies farther



Name Cost
Break in Half N/A
Burst Your Bubble 3000 Steel
Hip Attack N/A
Sit On It 7000 Steel

Hero Modifiers

Name Description
Charge of the Oni You can cancel Charge of the Oni by pressing W.
Demon's Embrace You gain Health on a hit but lose some if you miss. When in a Critical State, Demon's Embrace always kills the opponent. Your Uninterruptible Stance is consumed.
Enhanced Light Attacks Light Attacks are not interrupted on Block. Light Attacks are still interrupted on Superior Block.
Heavy Attack Cancel Heavy Attacks can be canceled into Demon's Embrace during Startup.
Passive Uninterruptable Stance Has a permanent Uninterruptible Stance. The Stance is consumed if Shugoki gets hit or Guardbreaked. When Stance in consumed, Shugoki takes more Damage.
Uninterruptable Stance recovery Passive Uninterruptible Stance effect regenerates after a few seconds. It takes longer when out of Stamina, on hits or blocking.
Zone Attack Cancel Zone Attack after the first Attack by pressing W.


Name PC Controls PS4 Controls Xbox One Controls General Action
Bash and Smash LMB, RMB R1, R2 RB, RT Light Attack, Heavy Attack
Bonecrusher RMB, RMB R2, R2 RT, RT Heavy Attack, Heavy Attack
Charge of the Oni
(Not in Guard Mode)
Shift, Space L3, Cross LS, A Sprint, Roll
Charging Heavy Attack Hold RMB Hold R2 Hold RT Hold Heavy Attack
Crashing Thunder
(Not in Guard Mode)
Shift, RMB L3, R2 LS, RT Sprint, Heavy Attack
Demon Ball Middle Mouse, RMB Square, R2 X, RT Grab, Heavy Attack
Demon's Embrace S, Middle Mouse Button Backwards + Square Backwards + X Backward Move, Grab
Headbutt LMB or RMB, MMB R1 or R2, Square RB or RT, X Light or Heavy Attack, Grab


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