The Warden

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The Warden
The Wardens.png
Faction: Knights
Weapons: Longsword

The Wardens are the Heroes for the Knights.


The Wardens are powerful, noble warriors dedicated to the defense of their land and their people.

Well protected in mixed armor of plate, chain, and leather, Wardens wield massive two-handed longsword for slashing enemies and blocking attacks.

Trained to be proud, charismatic, and loyal, the Wardens are expected to embody only the highest values of the Knight faction.

Few achieve this, yet all strive.

Story campaign

The Warden is a courageous and talented young knight from the lands of the Iron Legion. Wardens are expected to be noble and brave – living embodiments of virtue – and this one has the potential to be that and more.

But after years of fighting endless battles for no worthy cause, The Warden has begun wandering, seeking a purpose equal to his talents and genuinely worth fighting for. That search comes to end in Ashfeld, among the warriors of the Blackstone Legion.


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