The Warlord

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The Warlord
The Warlord.png
Faction: Vikings
Type: Heavies

The Warlord are one of the Heroes for the Vikings.


Story campaign


Name Cost Type
Bang Your Drum 5000 Steel Free Roam
Headbanger 3000 Steel Free Roam
Ready! 3000 Steel Combat
Shield Bump 5000 Steel Combat
Shotgun! N/A Free Roam
S'up? N/A Combat
Well Done N/A Combat
Why Me? N/A Free Roam


Icon Name Description
Auto Revive Passive, When dying revive without the help of another player
Bear Trap Set a trap that damages and stops victims in their tracks
Deadly Passive, Attacks deal more Damage
Fire Flask Throw a projectile creating a fire effect over an area
Flesh Wound Passive, Gain moderate Damage reduction
Fury Raise sprint speed slightly and attack and defenses greatly
Juggernaut You're slowed and gain high Damage reduction
Punch Through Passive, Deal Damage on Blocked Attacks
Regenerate Passive, Regenerate your Health when out of combat
Rush Trigger to gain movement speed for a short duration
Speed Revive Passive, Rapidly revive fallen teammates
Tough as Nails Passive, Raises max Health when unlocked



Name Cost
Attitude Adjuster 5000 Steel
Beat Down 7000 Steel
Head-Scissor N/A
Shield Bash Uppercut N/A

Hero Modifiers

Name Description
Full Block Stance Block Attacks from all directions. Requires Stamina to activate. Drains Stamina when started and when you Block.
Superior Block Light Attacks Light Attacks have Superior Block property during the Startup. Use it to counter attacks.
Uninterruptible Heavy Attacks Heavy Attacks are Uninterruptible during the Startup. Time them well to trade blows with the enemy.
Improved Throw (Hidden) Hold/Release Grab to manage the throw distance.


Name PC Controls PS4 Controls Xbox One Controls General Action
Block and Stab C, Block, LMB Right Stick, Block, R1 Block Stance, Block Attack, Light Attack
Board and Blade C, RMB Right Stick, R2 Block Stance, Heavy Attack
Crashing Charge
(Not in Guard Mode)
W, MMB L3 + Square Forward, Grab
Focused Strikes

(Chain Attack)

LMB, RMB R1, R2 Light Attack, Heavy Attack
Hack and Slash

(Chain Attack)

RMB, LMB R2, R1 Heavy Attack, Light Attack


W+Space, MMB Left Stick + X, Square Forward + Roll, Grab
Headbutt Combo


C, MMB, LMB Right Stick, Square, R1 Block Stance, Grab, Light Attack
Headbutt Riposte


C, MMB Right Stick, Square Block Stance, Grab
Headsplitter Leap
(Not in Guard Mode)
W, RMB L3 + R2 Forward + Heavy Attack
Headsplitter Leap Alternate W+Space, RMB Left Stick + X, R2 Forward + Roll, Heavy Attack
Headsplitter Leap Combo W+Space, RMB, MMB, LMB Left Stick + X, R2, Square, R1 Forward + Roll, Heavy Attack, Grab, Light Attack
Shield Counter


Parry, MMB Parry, Square Parry, Grab
Shield Counter Combo


Parry, MMB, LMB Parry, Square, R2 Parry, Grab, Light Attack


  • Ulfberht and Shield

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