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The Tiandi is the Vanguard of the Wu Lin.


The term, tiandi, means “heaven and earth,” which represents the Tiandi’s lifelong dedication.

The Tiandi are loyal protectors to kings, queens, and emperors. They are masters of the dao blade, the weapon of choice for this Royal Guard.

The Tiandi take an oath of loyalty to their ruler. It is an oath that binds them to their ruler for life. They are renowned for their courage and dignity in battle. When a Tiandi’s ruler loses their life, the Tiandi becomes a terrifying warrior free of constraints. They fight with the same dedication, but their cause is known only to them.

- Male: named Shidou.

Shidou is a corrupted soul.

Shidou was a Tiandi general who served his father, a great King who ruled a vast kingdom.

Shidou was the most skilled fighter among his brothers, but he sat fourth in line to the throne. Unwilling to settle for a life of servitude to his brothers, he killed them all one dark, bloody night.

When the King discovered the carnage, he collapsed in sorrow and killed himself in shame. With a weakened family, the kingdom was overrun by raiding armies and all was lost.

Realizing the full horror of his handiwork, Shidou fled the palace and abandoned his claim to the throne. He exiled himself from the Empire he had failed, and traveled west, where another war was raging.

Today his darkness has become a strength and a curse. He hunts and kills those like himself, the corrupted of this world, to become the worst of the wicked. Only then will he be allowed to die and atone for his sins.

- Female: named Ying.

Ying and her dao carve out her own destiny.

Ying trained all her life to wear the armor of the Tiandi and become protector of kings and queens. Her dedication was rewarded with a post to a powerful Queen.

One winter night, the Tiandi were ambushed while escorting the Queen to a war council. After a bloody battle, all lay dead but Ying and the Queen.

The Queen bestowed an honorary dao to the brave fighter and made Ying her personal guard. They rushed home to warn of the attack. Upon arrival, the Queen was slain by her own Palace Guards.

Ying sprang to action and slayed the assassins. But the royal household turned against Ying and blamed her for the Queen’s death. That day, Ying became a hunted woman. She escaped with only her dao and the Tiandi armor on her back.

Now a wanted woman, she travels west. With no patience for the ugly work of politics, she brings change the only way she knows how – with her wits and her dao.

Gameplay Style

The Tiandi use graceful dodge attacks to weave through combat and avoid enemy attacks. They can destabilize their foes by kicking them to the ground and creating attack opportunities for their allies.

  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Adaptable Fighting Style
  • Dodge Attack Specialist

Special Capabilities =

  • Graceful Dodge Attack
  • Palm Strike That Breaks The Enemy's Guard At Close Range
  • Destabilizing Kicks


Here is the section of the Executions, Emotes, Signatures and Feats.


Execution Name Cost
Typhoon Punishment Free
Revolution Free
Down to Earth 5000 Steel
Hold This 7000 Steel


Emote Name Type Cost
Its Just Dirt! Free Roam Free
Watch and Learn Free Roam Free
Show and Tell Free Roam 3000 Steel
Tui La Free Roam 5000 Steel
Rock! Paper! Scissors! Free Roam 7000 Steel
Bent Free Roam 7000 Steel
After You Combat Free
Suishi Combat Free
Prepared Combat 3000 Steel
Lai Combat 5000 Steel
Bring It On Combat 7000 steel


Name Cost
Dashing Free
Peaceful 5000 Steel


Feat Name Row Unlocked At Description
Rally Call First Level 1 Passive; When under half health, nearby allies gain strength.

Effect is stronger when in critical health.

Come At Me First Level 5 Heal and Get more renown from kills, but take more damage from attacks.
Tireless First Level 13 Passive; Lose stamina at a lower rate.
Sacrifice Second Level 1 Sacrifice health to heal and restore stamina to nearby allies.

Tiandi also regains stamina.

Marked for Death Second Level 7 Reveal target's position and lower their stamina & defense.
Doom Banner Second Level 15 Nearby enemies have less powerful attacks and defense.
Vital Leech Third Level 1 Passive; Life Leech when less than hal health.

Effect is stronger when critical health.

Battlecry Third Level 9 Allies and yourself deal more damage, discourage enemy soldiers to attack.
Protected Revive Third Level 17 Passive; Your revive is uninterruptible & grants shield to allies.
Indomitable Fourth Level 1 Passive; Gain a temporary shield when critical health.

Cooldown is canceled when you regain full health.

Morale Booster Fourth Level 11 Improve damage for you and your allied for a short duration.
Last Laugh Fourth Level 19 Passive; Drop a high damage grenade upon death unless executed.


Hero Specific:

Name Description
Palm Strike After a basic light attack or a Tiger Dodge follow up with a Palm Strike by pressing L3(Down)+Square.
Dragon Kick After a heavy attack or a Dragon Dodge follow up with an unbalancing kick by pressing Square.
Dragon Kick Cancel You can cancel your kick by a Dode or a Dodge attack.
Flow Like Water Cancel your basic attack recoveries with a Dodge or a Dodge Attack.
Dancing Dragon Cancel your Side Dragon Dodge with a Dodge or a Dodge Attack.


The Tiandi has 7 Perks, just like all other heroes. Tiandi's Perks consist of 3 Common ones, 1 Rare, 1 Heroic, 1 Epic and 1 Legendary. ALL of Tiandi's Perks are Assist Perk types, they are insisting on speed as Tiandi is an agile Hero.

Perk Name Perk Type Gear Rarity Required Description
Radiant Rebound Assist Common Upon spawn or when revived, gain 20% movement speed for 10 seconds.
Remedy Assist Common Upon Hero kill, heal +10 health.
Feline Agility Assist Common When gaining Renown level, gain 4% movement speed for the first,

then 2% for each subsequent level.

Supersonic Assist Rare In Revenge, gain 15% movement speed and uninterruptible sprint.
Clever Tactics Assist Heroic Capture a zone and use banner/offerings 15% faster.
Rising Dawn assist Epic Revive allies to 75% health.
Rapid Refresh Assist Legendary Upon takedown or when reviving an ally, Feats' active cooldowns are reduced by 5%.


Common Rarity:

Dull Dao

Practical Dao

Thicket Dao

Modest Dao

Blunt Dao

Ragged Dao

Rare Rarity:


Common Rarity:

Lamellar Set

Heavenly Virtue Set

Yue Jin Set

Rare Rarity: