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The following is a list of tips for the game For Honor.

List of tips

  • An exclamation point alerts you when your opponent has hit a string of combos
  • Be patient with your opponent and exploit their mistakes.
  • Environmental hazards can lead to instant deaths or crippling disadvantages.
  • Get to know the strengths and weaknesses of each of the Heroes
  • Reviving teammates will change the tide of the battle
  • While waiting for a Respawn or Revival, players have the ability to look around the Map and give information to their teammates which should help them in the battle.
  • When fighting either multiple opponents or a champion with longer weapons, try to use obstructions such as narrows hallways or pillars.
  • When in the Dominion gamemode, standing within the boundaries of A and C point will increase the rate at which your team earns points.
  • Be careful to never run out of stamina and always be ready to exploit poor stamina management when your opponent does.
  • When your revenge meter is full, initiating revenge mode just as your opponent initiates an attack will result in them being knocked to the ground prone.

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